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Written & Recorded by Jay Bradley

“I can see the future, just by looking forward, Yet, all I can see, is what I am looking at.”

 Many people have heard or read the saying in recent times that “the new internet is coming,” I am here to tell you now, that information is not totally correct, but not totally wrong. What is coming is the new decentralized, peer to peer-built platforms of blockchain technology that every Industry we know of today, and in newly created businesses happening right now will use. If you open your eyes you will see how history is always repeating itself, and this era will be a game changer for everyone.

These new technologies are here and will become standards for the way we operate in the future. They are NOT the centralized, or regulated systems we have been using to communicate globally for over 30 years.  However, with the new technology of blockchain, cryptography, crypto currency, tokens, coins, artificial intelligence, mining, tracking, cyber security platforms, cannabis, GPS tracking, information technologies, and the necessity in business to send and receive data, find data, store data and more importantly protect all of this information, will be achieved by using blockchain technology, utilized by all in the entire World. It will also be why my unique expressions will play a major part in a combination of Peer to Peer collaborations, and will be the recognized and trusted marks as the future approaches faster than even the developers of these technologies can imagine.

What I have written and created, is the new Universal expressions signifying your use or intended use to access and utilize the decentralized platforms, networks, or combination of new co-mingled networks and infrastructures as built by the Visionaries in blockchain technology. “What does that mean?”, I hear you say. It means you may not be aware of it but there are technologies in use right now, and are growing very fast that you will be using before you know it. What has been missing until now is the Universal Expressions I have created to recognize this technology and introduce it to the World.

“So, what will be this new technology, way of communicating, storing data, finding data, moving assets, trading things, sharing information, and more, that every Industry and Consumer will use?” 

I can hear you say.

Blockchain Technology!


The Peer to Peer part I have played in this technology is this Manual of explanation for the general public, insight and vision for the Developers, and the Universally recognized term that will become synonymous with these technologies. Why? Because, this technology even has the Creators involved in it confused at times, which is why the general public is so confused trying to understand these technologies, and exactly how they will use them. So, I created this manual for all of us across the World to better comprehend some of these technologies, to learn what decentralized means, what Peer to Peer means, to be able to separate the Industries in these technologies, to understand why it is so important in today’s Global World, to ignite the creative spark in Developers of these technologies, and in a simple and recognizable way, present the UNEX (Universal Expression) I created for the People of the World, identifying the one technology that all other technologies and Industries will use in the open Market Place.

I present to you the BLOK and .blok.

I know many of you are reading this and saying, what exactly is it?.”  As I continue to explain more about what is coming, you will totally understand why this protected expression and mark is so important to the genral Public, and the actual Developers and Visionaries making these Industries happen. Many of you reading this, who are involved in these technologies are looking at it and saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that”, “how awesome”, “how cool”, “what a great way to spell it”, “its unique, its new like blockchain, its bold and confident”, “it gives blockchain a recognized mark”, “what a great way to express it”, and “what a great way to expand on how you will make blockchain technology work for the market place.”

  I may at times for the rest of this teaching refer to my protected marks as BLOK, The BLOK. .BLOK or as the UNEX (universal expression) I created.  These marks, teachings, and visions for their use, only exist in written and published copyright and intent to use trademarked forms, presented by me for the public to purchase and reserve from my websites. To establish specific rights in commerce to my intellectual property, ideas for its use, copyrights and protection to my work, I created the websites to offer the general public, a way to reserve a copy of the manual at a discounted price, and the right to reserve your Universal Expression .blok identifier, prior to its adaptation by blockchain Developers Worldwide.

I have published this manual on my website to read free of charge, however, the reproduction of any part or distribution of these works, or use of my marks is strictly prohibited by law.  As a good will jesture to all, you can pre-purchase a copy of the BLOK, .blok, @blok manual prior to printing for just $7.00 and you can reserve the right to your .blok identifier for the BLOK for just a $1.00.


Only the Owners, or Authorized Representatives of any existing trademarked name, will be allowed to reserve the right to that specific name utilizing my creation of the UNEX for these technologies. Just because this technology is new and will be decentralized, does not mean that current laws protecting other trademarks will not be enforced, even if co-mingled networks of new and possibly existing technologies are created by blockchain Developers and others.  

The current website offering the manual and .blok identifier is a reservation for the opportunity to utilize the UNEX as it is introduced to the common marketplace in conjunction with development from others in these new decentralized and Peer to Peer built technologies, like, blockchain, crypto currency, and other Industries of business as introduced.

In order to help the consumers who will use these technologies, I estimate approximately over 90% of the World’s population, I have created and provided a much clearer way to separate the technology of blockchain from all other technologies that will use blockchain and a way to have a better understanding of all the technologies, or Industries who will utilize blockchain. You will have more confidence in entering these new marketplaces and the understanding that my Universal expressions will be the trusted marks in these technologies, as other Peers in these Industries will become the NEW accredited, qualified, trusted and decentralized teams of Custodians, who keep the technology free of corruption and fair in the market place.

The initial offering prices for a copy of the manual or the right to reserve of your .blok identifier, are only being offered at these prices while I have full rights to the trademarks, copyrights and its use. For those of you purchasing your new .blok identifier key for future use, I will guarantee the right to your reservation, via contractual obligation when the rights to my copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property are purchased from me. For those pre purchasing the paperback copy of the BLOK manual, I will keep you updated via email as to when the manual will ship.

For those of you who want to learn more about my marks and expressions, blockchain technology, current Industries using it, Industries that are building it for use, the new business’s that will come from it, and why this is such a necessity in the World today, the following, I hope will provide you a look into the future and help educate you. 

You have heard me mention a decentralized and peer to peer-built platform. What exactly that means is explained further on, but for now just understand that is the essence in the creation of blockchain technology and it is the most important part. 

This technology will ABSOLUTELY remain decentralized, to ensure its integrity for use in an open marketplace, and there will be a necessity to have Advisory Boards or Regulating Bodies from different Industries, who in essence, have a system of checks and balances created similarly to the decentralized platform of the  technology, but nothing like we know today. 

Meaning, as more and more businesses come together in these Industries and want to present use to the public, with the intention the public's use will create revenue for their business, and with more and more acceptance by the public to use these technologies, that to protect the technology itself, and protect the users, along with fair trade practices, there will be a necessity for Peers with similar visions for these technologies to create these new regulatory bodies or advisory boards, without Government interference in these extremely new concepts.

Governments will create regulations that will require taxes or other fees in these Industries, but they will not have control of the actual platforms these technologies are created on, and how they are sold in the market place to the General public. The only way to protect the Industry and the People who will use it, is for the Visionaries of these new business’s, specifically in blockchain, in conjunction with others, separate of any one (1) Government or Creator, is to come together and form these bodies themselves.

This will also ensure that no one (1) Industry in general, or no one (1) group with focus on only one type of business in Industry, will have an upper hand, or the possibility of corrupting these new technologies, industries and business’s coming from these NEW Peer to Peer built environments in technology.  A specific example would be to relate to the current realm of the Internet and how it is managed as we know it today. I am providing a quote about the Internet, more specifically about the start of domain names as we know them today, and will then touch briefly on why the Industries and technologies I am speaking of will in some ways work similar for the public, but are not the same technologies and will not be governed the same.

“In 1997 the United States of America took over all authority over all generic TLD’s (Top Level Domains). It was then operated by VeriSign, which had acquired Network Solutions.” “Then VeriSign later spun off Network Solutions non-registry functions into a separate Company which continues as a registrar.” “In the English language the domain is often spelled with a leading period and commonly pronounced as dot-com and has entered common parlance this way.” “Although com domains were originally intended to designate commercial entities, the domain has had no restrictions for eligible registrants since the mid 1990’s.” “With the commercialization and popularization of the Internet, the domain was opened to the public and quickly became the most common top-level domain for websites, email, and networking.”1 

So, why am I providing you this quote? To show you that many years ago there were NEW cool technologies coming out, that people didn’t understand then, but we sure know them now! One was the Internet itself, and one was the domain name to utilize the Internet. Although they worked in conjunction with each other, they were, they are, two (2) different entities. The important part here, was back then there was a name COM that was introduced to the public for use. It is, and has been for over 30 years the most sought after in the World, creating Trillions of dollars in revenue.

However, because these names and databases are only regulated by one (1) Authority, the Government created, ICANN, it will become old technology very fast, as blockchain developers and the other founding Peer to Peer members of the environments introduce you to these new networks, technologies and business’s that will gain popularity as they are commercialized,  no different than over 30 years ago. The days of one (1) Organization overseeing where all of the information of the World is held, who controls it for the World in commerce, and how it works will soon end, even if you are struggling to see it right now. Anyone who was raised prior to the popularization of the Internet knows, we struggled to understand how the Internet was possible, however we know now how possible it became.

You will understand more of why current technologies will be replaced, or modified to pass through technologies like blockchain, creating new co-mingled decentralized platforms while you continue reading this manual and why my portion of the Peer to Peer creations, was to bring to fruition this cool new recognizable mark of BLOK, and the .blok identifier for use in the general market place. This is the first protected Universal extension ever to be trademarked and copyrighted for use in decentralized technologies.

I explained previously that we will need trusted and qualified Advisors for this new technology. So, who will make up the NEW regulatory bodies in these Industries? These new Regulatory bodies or Trusted and qualified Advisor boards, will be new creations, they will not be any of the current regulatory agencies in existence, because they do not represent the vision of decentralization and Peer to Peer technology for mass public use.

There will be a collaborative coming together effort of Developers, Coders, Cryptographers, Blockchain Developers, Crypto Currency Developers, Token Developers, Tech Investment Firms, Financial Institutions, Artificial Intelligence Industry Developers, other Major Trusted Corporations, and unaffiliated trusted Individuals from a variety of Industries, who’s primary role will be to oversee and ensure the technology of blockchain will remain decentralized, that it will benefit the security of the People using these technologies, as well as other new co-mingled technologies that are sure to come, and for the first time ever to create fair trade practices for all of the Consumers who will use the technology, or those entering into the market places of the technology.


The BLOK and .BLOK is, and will be the instrumental part of popularizing and introducing Consumers to the business’s involved in blockchain, other Industries utilizing blockchain, and for people who want to be part of creating new business’s in these technologies. The Universal Expression and extension of the BLOK and .BLOK are NOT a generic TLD, overseen by a Government created agency, as currently defined, for use in a realm of Regulated/Centralized technology. Remember, I have already told you technologies like that are soon to be considered old technology, unless they adapt to the new Regulatory boards who will oversee how they can be dismantled at the core to create new co-mingled networks operating in the realm of decentralized platforms.

In this new World of transferring data, storing data, intending to communicate, OR whatever blockchain presents to us the Consumers, we will need in our normal day to day lives, not only a starting point to enter these technologies with confidence, but also the unique ability to express our .blok key identifier to others in these new decentralized and peer to peer built networks. This group of letters I designed to create the mark and expression BLOK, is recognizable, understandable, creative, and is Universally understood. It will not only acknowledge to the networks created in blockchain technology, or a new combination of co-mingled networks, that the data started on The BLOK or a node of blockchain, is stored on an encrypted blockchain, and can enter and pass through other open blockchains, or sidechains, but most importantly, that in a simple, unique, and currently, a very common way, acknowledge to each other,  our Peers, that we are utilizing this new technology by saying or expressing our name or business with the new spoken or written expression of blockchain technology. A recognizable mark for the entire World. 

This concept of the expression of BLOK and .BLOK is an easy way to adapt , and introduce to the public the utilization of new technologies across a wide range of Industries, that will work on blockchains.  Old expressions like saying, ‘dot net’ or ‘dot com’, which are regulated in a completely different realm and technology have become so mainstream in the World today, that there is no reason to re-invent the wheel for the public, the technology may be new, improved or re-invented, but the way in which we say it to each other will remain similar, easily using the new decentralized name .blok. 

In technology that almost everyone already finds confusing, let’s NOT confuse it anymore. These expressions and the utilization of them will remove confusion when introduced to the World as a starting point for them to create a blockchain, utilize blockchain, store data or information of value, find information, create a business in these technologies, and as stated before, being able to utilize an everyday common expression, now saying (dotblok) as the trusted, verified, encrypted, and decentralized term recognized Universally by all, as the first extension protected by law that is not defined as a TLD. 

I realize when we first started talking about blockchain technology, you immediately were thinking, “that has to do with crypto currency.” I tell you now that crypto currency has its place in blockchain technology, however the two terms are not synonymous to each other. They are two different terms in different industries, which is exactly why I started with my teaching of blockchain technology and the protected Universal Expressions I created for use in the technology. Crypto currency and blockchain technology are typically confused with each other because Bitcoin (a crypto currency), utilized  blockchain in public transactions.  Crypto currency utilizes blockchains for recording and processing transactions. The reason so many people have a hard time understanding the technology of blockchain vs. the technology or terminology of crypto currency, is because in the world of Bitcoin, they were introduced together, similar to .com being introduced with the Internet. I will make every effort in this manual to teach a more broad understanding of this information, so you can better understand what is happening in the World of technology, while realizing that my vision for the use of The BLOK and .blok will become so quickly recognized, that blockchain technology will finally be recognized by the general public as its own Industry, and Visionaries in development of blockchain themselves will have a clearer vision as to how the general Public will see and understand its use for their profit.

The general marketplace has determined that crypto currencies of all kinds have a value. Meaning someone or something, believes that the algorithm, commonly called crypto currency, often referred to as Bitcoin, which is securing or processing a transaction across blockchain platforms, has a similar value like money, and can be used for trading, accumulating money, or buying of goods and services, and more.

In that very broad representation of crypto currency and blockchain technology, my intention is to help the general public better understand specifically, that crypto currency is an Industry of its own, just like the manufacturing of Steel beams to sell to Construction Companies who build blocks of buildings, is an Industry of its own, and that utilizing Blockchain technology, or building a blockchain and offering its use to the public, or mining for blockchain are also Industries of their own.  The reason the expressions of the BLOK and .blok will be utilized unlike any others, is because the transactions of any Industry, or even personal use will be on blockchain networks, regardless of the type of business you are in. Very soon blockchain will be the standard networks on which unimaginable transactions will take place.

I know it can be confusing, but if you talk to experts in the fields of crypto currency, tokens, communications, and blockchain technology, even they will tell you, “It’s confusing.” 

That was exactly the problem I had when trying to have an understanding of these technologies and what exactly they do. It is then when I realized I was really trying to understand two different things being clumped together as one, however one was utilizing the other, which is what caused so much confusion. 

Once I understood that, it immediately provided me the idea to create the BLOK and .BLOK, for use by all people who will utilize blockchain as it is brought to market by many different People and Industries.

Immediately, by a new visual, verbal, audible, and common way, it provides understanding that this Universal Expression, separates blockchain technology from any other business that will utilize these new, and highly advanced networks.

Let’s be honest, any new technology that is created, is being created and introduced to the Consumer, so it can make the Creators money. It will be the general Consumer who the markets will need to cater to in this technology for it to do that. Consumers love new things, once they understand how to use them, and as soon as they know they are the most secure new systems in existence, everyone will want to be part of the BLOK.

My specific vision for the creation of the BLOK, .BLOK & its cryptographic brain, is one that will be collaborated on with teams in these Industries, because as a believer in the NEED for decentralized platforms, my Peer to Peer part is, as the Creator, current Trademark Owner and Copyrighted publisher of these expressions, the first ever of their kind, and understood by all. 

I envision a team of many Individuals, or Entities, from all kinds of Industries, who make up the trusted, advisory boards of the decentralized technology, providing their secret pieces of the cryptographic programming that makes it all work in unison and harmony for the general Public and Consumer. I know that may be a lot to take in right now, but as you take time to further understand that this is happening and the average Consumer will be utilizing this in the future, you will understand the need to bring it to market first and in an understandable manner that makes it easy for the Consumer to recognize.

As the future progresses, blockchain technology, like crypto currency is currently doing, will also find its place in other business and commodities.  I hope I am being completely clear when I express that I am not the person who has determined that crypto currency has a value.  The introduction into the marketplace, by its creators, along with others who are willing to trade goods and services for it, has determined it has a value similar to money. The assumption that it has a value is one you have to make for yourself, but I am happy to share with you my ability to look into the future and tell you what I see for you to capitalize on in these technologies. 

I see the future where crypto currency will be a new standard of money. I also believe that for it to survive in the mainstream world in the year 2019, that at least for a period of time, what we speak of as crypto currency, will be attached to a commodity for security. This commodity will provide faith in the value of crypto currency, allowing those who choose to buy interest in the commodity a way to make money, or crypto currency, off the investment in the commodity.  This is a similar idea to how the dollar was backed by Gold.  

What I am saying is that to make things easier for the general public who drive the markets of new Industry, you have to make things understandable, recognizable, and comfortable, regardless of how new and cutting edge things may be. If you look at crypto currency itself and what it needs to work, you will find the commodities I speak of, no different than you realizing now that being part of the BLOK and having your .blok key will help drive the market in blockchain to success.

I know as time progresses, more and more people, primarily driven by the Millennial market, who will be the new Leaders in Industry and Government, will agree that having crypto currency, and utilizing a decentralized, infrastructure for communicating, will be the same basic understanding of having money, and sending, receiving, finding, or storing data over a network.

As I mention above, the majority of the population who will utilize these two specific technologies, will never know how in the background everything is coded, (coding being used in place of cryptography for simplicity sake), or what nodes the information actually hit to create a block and a #hash id that encrypts the information being passed in the mining process, the storing of that piece of it on that new block in the chain, created by the Owners of that Node, using their cryptographic writings. Which is why it is essential that those of you reading this who are involved in these technologies understand that developing .BLOK and brining blockchain to the market place are two (2) different things.

You may think in general it sounds very similar to things we do today. It is not, because, these technologies are not utilizing systems that are already established, as I have explained.  People like you and I, as well as all kinds of Companies and businesses are building them in a way mentioned many times as “DECENTRALIZED” and “PEER TO PEER”.  Meaning, as these technologies become more and more accepted, just like when you decided to sign up for AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, more Individuals will create new crypto currencies, possibly even other names for what we understand right now as crypto currency, new blockchains, new mining operations, and new business’s in fields that interest them personally, yet Universally acknowledged with BLOK.

I am sure by now you are beginning to have a clearer picture that the creation of crypto currency and new technology like the platform of blockchain technology is NOT being created so that it does NOT produce money, income, or a revenue stream to the Creators, builders of the networks, holders of the copyrights or trademarks, or the Institutions, or Individuals, backing the new technology, the holders of the commodities, or the Owners of a specific crypto currency. These are real industries, businesses in commerce right now, with more being built, with the intent that the GENERAL PUBLIC will use them for the purpose of these new businesses making money, creating new wealth in this digital World, and providing Consumers new and the safest technology to use and buy in the marketplace.

We already know the general public is confused by terms like crypto currency, stellar wallets, mining, bitcoin mining, #hash’s, nodes, side chains, Merkle trees, and more. Now add in the technical terms of blockchains and how they work, and the Consumer is at a total loss of words. However by introducing them to The BLOK and .BLOK, they have a immediate recognition of blockchain all by itself for use in these new platforms of business.  In just reading the first several pages using my expressions of the BLOK and .blok, I can see you are already having a clearer picture of this technology from all others. 

Although I am a believer in the technologies I am speaking to you about, I am not involved in those Industries personally. I am just one piece, offering a part, my vision, a creation I thought of, along with ownership of my work to my Peers in these technologies, to ensure this amazing new technology comes to the market place as quickly and understandably as possible, so that all people can have great confidence in the security of blockchain technology.

Many of you reading this are starting to understand truly that regardless of what Industry or Technology may co-mingle in use of these blockchains, they are their own separate and distinct areas of technology and business, and the majority, who will be the users, or Consumers of these new business’s will need a SECURE, RECOGNIZABLE, TRUSTED, Non-Centrally Programmed, starting point, or advisory point like the BLOK, and, or,  your personal, unique key identifier, like InsanelyGenius.blok in these De-Centralized platforms.

You will not be utilizing names and systems that currently exist in marketplaces like the Internet, because that would defeat the entire purpose of the decentralization foresight. Meaning that systems we currently use like the Internet, are regulated, they are programmed to work in a specific way known to a specific set of “Servers” in central locations, and that there is only one regulating authority who oversees the Internet and domains, which is TOTALLY different than what I have described to you is happening in these new technologies.

Many of the Visionaries in blockchain are not even aware of the ideas I am providing here, they are just reading them now just like you, but I tell you now, when reading my works, it will ignite the creative spark of understanding that surely will come to them, or you, and they too will realize that for blockchain to become the platform they envision and a mainstream way of doing all types of things, Consumers will associate that with the BLOK and .blok because this manual is currently being read by hundreds of thousands of people. 

To expand on that just a bit further, you now have an understanding that Bitcoin could be related to money, or an Industry in finance.  However, are you aware of the hundreds of other crypto currencies that are trading and available to buy into?  Are you aware that although many of them may be similar to Bitcoin in finance, many are not? At times crypto currency also takes on names like “tokens” or “coins”. These tokens or coins also work in the same way by utilizing blockchain technology, however they may be in Industries that have nothing to do with finance. For an example there are things called privacy coins. These privacy coins also need blockchain technology to transfer/record their transactions, however they specialize in the Security. There are others offering similar who are working in GPS tracking, some specializing in just the recording of how their merchandise gets from one place to another in the supply chain, and hundreds, probably thousands more examples just like that. I provide you these examples to show you visuals of how blockchain, all by itself is a unique and new technology that is HERE TO STAY, and you will be using it in the future, no different than asking Alexa to turn on your favorite music.

Yes, crypto currency is utilizing blockchain, but blockchain is so much more than that, and can be utilized in so many different contexts across thousands of Industries as I have explained. If you choose not to be involved in Crypto Currency, that does not mean you won’t want to utilize Blockchain! Or maybe you don’t have a need for Privacy coins, or tracking your grocery order, but you might want to utilize the BLOK for something else.

So, what does that tell you if you are the general Consumer? What does it tell you if you are a blockchain developer? Or what is it saying to you if you are a Financial Tech Investor looking for the newest and best things available? It tells you that what I am explaining here is accurate and that Universally the People of the World will NEED a NEW, trusted and verified standard of expression, yet a common and similar way we all use right now, a way to express our use and contact information across thousands of Industries that will utilize blockchain.

I can see you thinking and I know you have already stopped at times to go to the Internet to look things up. I say this is good, you should search, seek and find. What you will start to find is a lot of jargon in a fledgling technology that is all over the place. 

However, this technology is coming, its actually already here, just so new we can’t comprehend how we will use it, if even you are aware of it. Recently I spoke to a very wealthy gentleman in his mid 60’s. When I told him what I was writing, the first thing he asked me was; “What is blockchain technology?” I gave him a real brief breakdown and immediately he was hooked, which is why I know this is a technology that when it arrives main stream will rip through like a tsunami. These are technologies you want to be first in, because you will be the Trusted Organizers who help shape its future. What you will also find out there right now are websites looking to sell you a new name similar to a dot com as I have proposed, but these names are attached to specific coins. As I have already helped show you, blockchain is its own technology and business, so why would you want to have a new name identifier attached to a crypto currency or token or coin? Not to mention there are thousands of coins or tokens. How do you pick the right one?

Other concerns for the general consumer entering into this marketplace, and utilizing a name attached to crypto, or coins specifically, was, what if that crypto goes bankrupt or out of business like so many do. Would you want your blockchain access expression to be part of that bankrupt currency? Would you want to have to keep going to different online marketplaces and registering a new name for more money?  ‘Of course not’ is the answer. Also, I have already explained to you that thousands of Industries will use blockchain technology. Does that mean that you will need to purchase different name identifiers in all different Industries? NO, because, once again, that is way too confusing for the public, because they identify with the BLOK and .blok, which is why I created the only expression or key identifier you will ever need for blockchain.

The general public, the Consumer, does not like Confusion, especially when it comes to their hard earned money! As blockchain is introduced to the World, they will WANT to be part of the first trademarked, supported, and protected platform and key name identifier for blockchain.  The name that stands out from every other Industry or business, the BLOK@Blok.blok, immediately signifying blockchain technology. 

This is why the newly recognized Universal Expression I created is NOT a crypto currency and it is NOT a blockchain, it is NOT a Coin or Token, but will and can be utilized across thousands of Industries, on their blockchains as they are built and opened for public use.  Developers will have the abilities with their unique cryptographic coding, to recognize the trusted marks of blockchain in a way they choose with help and Peer input, from the new trusted advisory boards soon to come. It is the first Universal, protected, decentralized, unique, UNDERSTANDABLE and public mark that will help others get involved in blockchain, and help build these platforms that will connect us Worldwide.

In today’s World we know there is the EXTREME NECESSITY, for a more

decentralized, and MORE SECURE way of communicating, storing, recording, and accessing confidential information across a network.  Because blockchain is built on a decentralized platform, meaning by the People Individually, and connecting Peer to Peer, it is the new technology PEOPLE want even if they don’t totally understand how it works, or what it is called, UNTIL NOW. Many of us use or utilize things in which we don’t understand how they work right now; we just know they work. How many of you truly know how the Internet works? You just know it works and you can use it. You also know that you can tell others how to reach you in a common way, how to “google you”, or “bing it”, and soon you will be telling them to reach you on the BLOK, or here is my .blok info.  

As blockchain becomes more widely accepted in all Industries and by all people, I envision that those who currently are building it right now have the unique opportunity to be part of the founding Fathers of it’s behind the scenes cryptographic coding, which will be the decentralized part that makes your .blok key work across the millions, trillions of nodes, networks, or possibly co-mingled networks that will be created for the public on the BLOK. 

I want Consumers in the general market to feel less confused or intimidated about blockchain technology, so it can be utilized and realized faster than expected, and having the TRUSTED mark BLOK, for blockchain will be the first step for public acceptance. 

I am aware that so much of these technologies are so foreign to speak about to the mass public that many cannot comprehend what truly is going on. Don’t feel alone, there are many people who are actually and actively involved in these Industries who admit they don’t really know what is going on, BUT IT IS GOING ON, and they all share the same vision for a new standard in technology. It is in teachings like this, that we as a group of PEERS are helping each other understand these new Business’s, bringing to life new ideas for these Industries, and helping to determine the way they will re-shape the digital World. 

Let me provide you with a broad representation of what “decentralized” and “Peer to Peer” means. The vision for Blockchain is that anyone can start a node, which in turn allows the blockchain process to happen. Any one person, or a group of, can decide they want to build a Node, which is like saying the main entity or main computer that helps create blockchain. Then when these nodes are programmed by those individuals who build them, and as they are utilized, a mining process happens and they begin to create blocks of encrypted code.  

Unlike any other technology, only You know how You programmed your “node” to work, which is why it is called DECENTRALIZED, there is no specific or central set of servers that knows how the programming works, or controls access.  

Then when more and more people build and create their nodes, and allow them to be open, it becomes Peer to Peer, meaning in essence that open networks allow each other access, or they work together, however I may not know You personally but we are considered Peers working in the same technology, making blockchain work main stream.

A little further understanding of the above is, you decided to create a node. You used cryptographic writing, in whatever you determine for your node, and then when people utilizing blockchain technology want data, moved, tracked, stored, searched, traded, exchanged, and more,  regardless of what the data is, someone starts the process, possibly even using the BLOK, or they verified it with The BLOK, all trusted starting points in blockchain, or from their own node, utilizing a .blok key identity, where it creates a block with an encrypted code, or #HASH ID. 

It is then communicated to a new node, (Owned or Managed by a different Creator), which creates a new block with an encrypted code designed by the BLOK owner of that node, marking that transmission with that code on that BLOK from that node to reach your node across the blockchain of nodes. This is a pretty broad representation of how this works, however I hope it will give you at least a visual of the endless possibilities with this technology, how in the future it will become a new standard in our Digital World, and literally how these blocks are creating a chain, “blockchain”, that begin to connect all over the World. 

How exactly all of that takes place, or gets transmitted, I can not explain to you. As I have mentioned, I am not a blockchain developer, I am not involved in crypto currency, I am not an existing programmer of computers, or involved in the cryptography that will make this technology and terms work. However, as I sat to think about these technologies and how the infrastructures would be built and communicate to each other, I began to think about the statement I have made earlier how “history repeats itself.” When I gave that more thought, I began to think of old abandoned phone lines, morse code, telegraphs, sea-bed cabeling, beeper frequencies, AM radio waves, ISDN, Source Connect, and other technologies that were once pioneers of Industry. I then began to think how old technologies like that could possibly be “new- again”, or maybe a mix of co-mingled old, current and new technologies will unite under new trusted partnerships on the BLOK.  

Or how teams of older people could work with teams of younger people and teach each other how history always repeats itself. An older person easily has seen time and time again how history repeats itself, yet may have a very hard time comprehending these new decentralized platforms of networks. Then a younger person, looking to make their mark on the world could totally understand how to make things on the BLOK, with your .blok key, or verified by BLOK work. 

They may utilize some of those old technologies to offer their decentralized part of the new technology, and not even know that they are helping “history repeat itself.” It is then when I thought how great it would be for people older than the Millennials, to co-mingle their knowledge and stability, with the divinely wired minds of younger people, creating things even they can’t right now imagine.

This is the absolute essence of a DE-CENTRALIZED “PEER TO PEER” network.  Which is why blockchain is going to be the new platform of these networks or co-mingled infrastructures utilized in all Industries and unlike anything that exists today.

Major Corporations, Banks, Insurance Companies, backed by huge Tech Investments, and others are actively and intensely building their blockchain teams, don’t let them fool you!  

You may think that is not true, because they portray to the Media like they are just looking into the technology, or looking into crypto currency, but, I am here to tell you big Players in big Industry across the World, are building their vision of their blockchain infrastructure right now. There are Companies that are utilizing a form of blockchain to make their internal processes better, or to track assets owned by the Company right now. These private or closed blockchains may not be open to the Public yet, but they will in time. Internally Companies may have their own unique mark or code they use to utilize their blockchain for their business, but that will not be the case for the general Consumer who will use this technology. Many of these Companies are even considering their own Crypto Currencies, or Tokens/Coins, with the vision they will be utilized in trade for their specific Industry, and they will, being utilized on BLOK, or stored on the BLOK, identified with a .blok key, or verified by BLOK.

They are hiring talented people who are capable of the necessary cryptography to secure and build their networks, and many of these talented people do not even know they are Cryptographers. They are creating coding and languages for Computers that are so unique, that we may not even know exactly what it is called yet, but we do know it will work on blockchain technology as it is introduced to the public.

As I mention above, the people who are writing the code for their nodes, blockchain and other Indsutries that will come from blockchain, may be called “Cryptographers,” writing Cryptography, or Cryptographic Code. They also might not be called that, because, there may not be a name or title for what they are literally creating as they go. What I can tell you now is, that this art of writing cryptography or a term eventually to be named something else, is understood by very few. It is a way of writing, that even the most intellectual people may not understand when it is explained by the Artist themselves; that is if the Artist, in this case the Developers of codes, are even aware that they are writing “Cryptography.” 

What in essence I mean here is, that unlike much that has gone on in technology up until now, “binary code”, this new technology is creating a no rules platform when writing their personal coding. The fact is, once this becomes all more mainstream for public use, there will have been such huge developments in this cryptographic writing, that it may not even be called Cryptography. I have seen a vision unlike anything else, where any type of number, symbol, punctuation mark, letter, language, languages and more in use now, or not in use now, will be utilized in this new writing, where unlike the Internet that has a finite amount of numbers it can work with, these new processes will literally create the first infinity of new cryptographic code, breathing life into the decentralized cryptographic brain of the BLOK.

The reason I can confidently tell you this vision will soon become reality, lies in the following. You can go right now and search for this yourself the names of these two men; Ibrahima and Abdoulaye Barry. These two men when they were children created a writing system, a visually recognized mark, that to them matched the sound of their native language. The marks, or now understood as the alphabet they created is called ADLaM.2 

The point is, that anyone can create a mark and have it represent something said, which will be what I have seen as the “cryptographic brain”, capable of writing an infinite amount of code, because of the unique decentralized way it was programmed and starts communicating to other Peers. 

The accomplishment of these Brothers has taken this alphabet even much further. The Brothers attempted to get the alphabet coded to Unicode. If you do more research, you will find this following information. “Microsoft worked with designers to develop a font for Windows and Office called Ebrima that supports ADLaM and several other African writing systems.” The point is, if something like this can come from two Brothers playing as children, and can get the attention of Microsoft, then it will be just one of many more new stories in the coming years about how these new technologies are changing the communicating World as we know it with effort from all kinds of Partners specializing in these new writings, technologies and unique expressions like the BLOK, .blok, for use by all of us in the World.

Let me give you an example of utilizing one art to create another.  We all know that an art like “Trigonometry” or “Calculus” is used in calculating very complex equations for building a skyscraper on a city block; right? Yet, no one calls the art of those calculations to build that building, or drawing, trigonometry or calculus. They have used those arts, to actually make it happen, yet it is called “Engineering.” This is a very similar example to how the art of cryptography, or a new way of writing not even named yet, will be the art that creates these networks of blockchain while we the Consumer trust the BLOK and our .blok key.

Blockchain technology has many more intricate facets that make it work that I have not really even touched on, like mining.  Mining is a process that computers perform, constantly running in order to solve the code needed for blockchains to be created. Currently Bitcoin who needs this to happen for their currency, pays these people with Bitcoin for the work their computers are doing. In which those individuals can get their Bitcoin currency deposited into their crypto currency account, and then sell it for US dollars, because as we mentioned previously individuals have decided that the process of mining, is worth a value and they have agreed to be paid in Bitcoin.

When first hearing about these new technologies, I truly assumed that Bitcoin mining was actually some kind of digging for an asset that backed up the value of the coin they were offering. Well, its definitely not that!  With further investigation by searching any media available, your able to get a pretty basic understanding of Bitcoin mining and why mining in general will be a huge Industry involved in these technologies, once you know the secret. 

After you have investigated more of what mining is for yourself, it will lead you to the same pot of gold I have found. Read, and listen carefully to the process of mining, in there you will find great commodities.

Remember these are my very broad representations of blockchain and how they work in technology. I am also providing you visions I have seen for the future just from reading bits and pieces about these technologies after I had created the BLOK and .blok and wanted to educate myself further. The reason I wrote this manual is to present you with my marks for use in these technologies, however what makes all of these visions a soon to be reality, is that all of the systems are just being written and developed right now, even as you read this. They are still being built by the Visionaries in these technologies, just like I have provided BLOK for the marketplace, and the time is right now for other Visionaries to help create how all of this works together for Consumers, in order to make profits.  This is pivitol point in time, because unlike 30 years ago, where there was no technology to find information like we do now, right now we have access to all the information we want, if we want it. It is in that wanting, that the next big things will come to the market place, and no one will have the excuse of, “If we only knew this was coming!”

If we do not bring to market ways for all of us to use and understand these technologies, that coordinate with the decentralized, peer to peer vision, than how are they expected to survive? They won’t! Because as I have mentioned many times, the mass public, the general Consumer, does NOT LIKE or WANT to be confused! If what I am providing to you here is not true, then why are so many Banks, Major Corporations, and Investors dumping billions into these technologies? Don’t take my word for it, for now use the Internet and search for yourself. 

The only reason much of this is confusing is because the art of all these different technologies is so new and because of its decentralized vision by the Creators, that most people can only relate to what we are using currently today. However, think about it! Today, we are so familiar with terms created 30 years ago which were once so foreign. The reason it’s unbelievable is because I am providing you a manual of secrets, for you to look into the future of technology with, and be one of the Peers making it work for the World.

Governing bodies in the World today are concerned with these technologies, and many existing Agencies want to take claim to them; of course they do, knowledge is power. However, that will not be allowed by the Creators in these technologies, and soon we the users will not allow ourselves to be regulated with when putting our private information out in the World.  This technology has been truly designed to help protect the public and provide them new, more advanced, and the most secure ways to do all kinds of things with their personal information, business information, money and more in our Global and digital World.

Let me provide you another example to relate to, as to how a Universal Expression, a starting point, or trusted name brand, will be the game changer in blockchain.  This cryptographic coding and writing for blockchain is like a sacred teaching or writing, from thousands of years ago. Let’s take the writings or teachings of Jesus, written, or spoken in the language of Aramaic.  This language is only deciphered by a few who can read or write it.  When the teachings of Jesus were written or spoken, we have been told it was in the “Aramaic” language.  For the majority of the population, or general Consumer that is totally foreign, not understood, not recognized, no different than cryptoraphy for blockchain technology. However, we can understand those teachings and writings Universally, because we have been told it was translated into what we know as “The Bible.”  A Universally recognized mark and work. Everyone in all parts of the World can hold and read a Bible and know what it represents, we as the general population, TRUST in that information.  Just as I am explaining to you here that with blockchain technology, these new networks, will need Universal Expressions, trusted marks, or even starting points, IN BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. The BLOK, .blok, or BLOK verified, immediately are recognized by the general population, the Consumers in a Worldwide market place just by looking at them, or hearing them. 

Thirty years ago, before this New Millenia, what I am calling, “The New MileTM”, we could not imagine being able to send a letter from one computer to another, scan a handwritten letter into a machine, attach it in an email, send it to your family member across the Country, across the World, and create a folder that holds millions of pictures you have taken without taking up any space in your home.  

We say things like “check out my website”, “look me up on Instagram”, “follow me on Facebook”, “Venmo me”, and “I’ll catch an Uber”, and now I am providing you the next big catch phrase of the Millenia. Can you imagine a world today without the technology just mentioned? “No,” is the answer, you cannot imagine that. So, I tell you now, look into the future with me, get ready to start building the BLOK, register @.blok or be verified by BLOK. 

You, the thinkers and Creators in this World and Universe, have been able to bring to life amazing new technologies, and now, more advanced, more capable, even unimaginable ways of communicating on new networks are coming, that you, right now cannot comprehend; but you will and you will want to utilize them to your benefit, no different than your decision to get a smart phone for the first time.

You have the opportunity right now to get involved in the actual processes that will make the BLOK, .blok, BLOK verified, and the cryptographic brain, utilizing, the most advanced form of all technologies we can create work for the World today.

Utilizing this new technology, will protect us in all of our transactions, medical data transfers, financial transactions, buying goods and services, tracking assets, and so much more, all because of the vision of a decentralized peer to peer system, and an expression that allows the masses of the World to immediately understand it.

When this new writing and creation came to me, I had racing thoughts of what the future would look like, based on industries in such infancy, the ones the Millennials and younger are right now as we speak, working on, and creating. The minute I wrote the letters that formed the new phrases of the BLOK and .BLOK, I knew it was the answer to what the new Cryptographers, new code Writers, the networks of blockchain, blockchain Developers, and others in different Industries would welcome as a public mark, so the Global infrastructure of blockchain networks will develop more rapidly, gain acceptance and loyalty in the new Universal market place of BLOK.

In the future, as you invest in things that you currently cannot comprehend, you will need things to access your investments. All of which will require you to process secure and protected transactions with Banks, Insurance Companies, Doctors, Lawyers, Security Companies, the Government and more. Without blockchain and the one (1) encrypted, universally recognized expression, BLOK using your .blok key, it will leave you vulnerable to breaches of your most confidential information.

If you do not believe that these teachings and writings are true, take any portion of this and talk to the young people of this world, show them, ask those involved in current finance, who see the new business and technology being offered, geo-mining, artificial intelligence, robotics, crypto, cannabis and more, then ask yourself; Could this be true? You will find the answer immediately within yourself. 

You will also come to realize, that todays youth are looking to make their place in this World, and it will be cycles of technologies like these that they build and create, that will provide these young people the ability to create their own new Industries and their wealth in this new World. 

As I mentioned, we are going to utilize BLOCKCHAIN technology in ways we still cannot comprehend, however crypto currency may or may not be an investment we choose to get involved in.  Communicating and transactions in business will always happen, we will want information all the time, we will want to send information all the time, and store important information. This will rely on BLOK verified transactions and the public will have confidence in its reputation and verification by its trusted Partners and new advisory boards protecting the public. 

All you need to comprehend and know, is that the technology, “blockchain” is real, and like the internet which came, is coming and will be here, is here, and will be utilized in industry Worldwide. What will bring you security, and confidence is that owning a BLOK, starting on BLOK, utilizing the BLOK, or your .blok key, all written with the extreme arts of Cryptographic writings by the collective group of decentralized peers, will secure all you have worked so hard to achieve, are achieving and will achieve in “The New Mile”. 

For those of you really thinking now about this teaching, you are also thinking about the hundreds of trillions of dollars that Industries around the Internet have created, and your mind is racing with what  new Industries like this will create.  You will realize, this new universal term and the Industries that will be created, may possibly be a new Industry you create or manage, or elaborate on the coding or processes of it. BLOK & .blok will surpass existing centralized technologies by quadrillions of dollars. 

This manual is providing my extremely privileged vision and information, to bring Developers in these technologies, or those who can finance the Developers together.  We know scientifically proven, no one can read, anyone’s exact, thoughts, and or images they create in their own minds, which is why the BLOK, the .blok key or being BLOK verified will be a collaborative effort and will quickly gain popularity and public backing in the market place of blockchain and other Industries. It will unite consumers in knowing what decentralization and Peer to Peer is at its finest. 

Not even all of those who will be the writers, can comprehend what I here have given you, however, when the time comes, and the smartest team of Developers and Investors come together, the answer will be given to you as you need it. This will create the collaboration of ideas, which will elaborate on the formula and writings, like a secret recipe. 

In this new decentralized platform of blockchain technology, accessing the right person or place from the BLOK, searching the BLOK, or using a .blok key, may be done in a combined variety of ways similar to the way we do now. For example, you know, that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who have the same name in the World, and they use that same name on Facebook, Twitter, even Bank accounts, and other common platforms of today. Yet you do not really understand the coding behind how that works, but we know its some kind of programming. Utilizing, or being verified on the BLOK or the .blok key, and the new standard of cryptographic coding, may bring us into a reality of how your .blok name is not only Universally recognized but also uniquely coded with technology in artificial intelligence, and that it can co-mingle in platforms and networks created to work as the Consumers in the market place demand.  

The possibilities for BLOK, .blok are limitless in this new peer to peer and decentralized mega infrastructure of networks that are coming to the market place. 

I explained to you before that history is repeating itself and now I will provide you another example of visions for the future. Over 100 years ago, a forward thinking man decided he would take all kinds of business and put them under one roof. These new types of stores were  called department stores. At the time, it was unheard of, not even understandable, even frowned upon, however it happened. Right up until recent years those department stores became giants in Industry, making it almost impossible for the “little guy” to make it in this World. However as we all know, many large brick and mortar department stores have since closed their doors, others are currently struggling, as new giants in commerce on the Internet have destroyed them.

If you look closely, you will see that history is repeating, and that young people are looking for their purpose in this World. More and more of them are entering the workforce only to very quickly leave it.  Why?  Because the people in “The New Mile” are building and developing their own opportunities, just like those small individual shops 100 years ago, but now in their bedroom or the garage! I am here to tell you that more and more small business platforms are coming and they too will make their “MARK” on the World, while taking a bite out of the Industry Giants of today. Just look into the future and you will see what I see. 

The forms in which I use the BLOK and .blok with a period prior to the letters, is for the understanding or representation, that a . (period) spoken commonly as ‘dot’ today, can represent any preceding word, number, symbol, or combination of, and, or, any word, number, symbol, or combination of any existing number, letter, mark, code, symbol, language, alphabet, and more, in use or not in use, as Cryptographically programmed in the decentralized Peer to Peer technologies utilizing blockchains or other co-mingled networks as introduced to the market place. 

These cryptographic coding’s may be visible or not visible pre- or post-my creations of BLOK, and can commonly be represented by saying dot.  Extremely Legal precedents have been set over the last 30 years when .com was introduced to the general Consumer, that utilizing the mark of a period, being a symbol in grammar and punctuation called an end stop, can also be interpreted in a different measure and standard than its original name.  Meaning it has become common parlance to say the word dot when typing, writing or saying the mark of a period, yet a dot is defined as a vertically centered mark, or a mark utilized in mathematical equations.  In technologies prior to domain names, like the adding machine in 1642 or the common calculator from the 1960’s, we commonly reffered to a period as a “point” in mathmatcial equations. For example saying or writing, seven hundred twenty two point twenty two, can be represented by typing 722.22  You didn’t commonly say seven hundred twenty two dot twenty two, you said “point” 22. These common practices by utilizing a period are not and can not be a protected right of a just 1 non-profit organization like ICANN and for TLD’s only offered by them. 

Developers of these new decentralized technologies, utilizing my creation of the BLOK and the .blok name, BLOK to start on, or even being BLOK verified have the opportunity to be the first of their kind to be the new legal Owners, or trusted Partners, of my trademarks in these new technologies.  

The entire work of my Universal expression BLOK in all forms, and the .blok identifier, is, and with its copyright, trademarks, existing website, and all proprietory intellectual property,  available for confidential purchase.   

I want to welcome to “The New Mile” and the first valid creation to bring a new idea to fruition utilizing the most secure way to conduct every transaction in your life, the life of your business or creation, during this time beginning 2019 and the era known as
The New MileTM, as a written & created by, I AM, Jay Bradley.     

Jay Bradley's Protected Copyright of the Cryptographic Brain & BLOK Diagram
Jay Bradley's Protected Copyright of the Cryptographic Brain & BLOK Diagram

Jason A. Bradley

aka Jay Bradley

aka I AM Jay Bradley

The Manual for Blockchain Technology

The Manual For The Written and Verbal Expressions of Blockchain Technology

Recorded by Jason A. Bradley

aka Jay Bradley

aka I AM Jay Bradley